Friday, February 18, 2011

Catching Up

Whew!  Where on earth has this week gone?  It certainly wasn't wiled away in my sleep, because I can tell you right now that sleep has been a stranger this this week.  But what have I been up to since last Friday?  Because I love lists so darn much, I'll make one.  Hummm..

I finished a book ("Water for Elephants").
I tried out four new recipes from my new favorite blog (see below).
I made a bunch of cake pops (we're not shocked).
I whipped up Valentine's dinner for Bo chalk (chock?) full of dairy because I'm so nice and loving.
I made a bunch more cake pops.
I whipped up a food blog recipe.
I went running 5 times with Rory - a major accomplishment for me these days.
I finalized design details for a custom necklace - one for me, and one to give away (!!).
I discovered a nondairy, nonsoy "cheese" that's freaking amazing (definitely more to come on that front).
I started a new book ("Born to Run") that's due back at the library in exactly 29 hours. 

Ok, so that blog I love?  I tried out new recipes for cake and frosting from my latest blog obsession, "Can You Stay for Dinner?".  The author's posts are stinking cute (while the photos are stinking beautiful), and I'm pretty sure we were meant to be best friends in some other life.  But the real reason I tried out the recipes last weekend is because I wanted to bake a virtual birthday cake for my fellow food blogger, Mellisa.  (Virtual cake for her, but definitely not virtual for me and my thighs.) 

Mellisa's birthday is tomorrow, yay! 

As I'm sitting here typing, I have to say - putting all those things down as a list makes me feel like this past week has been way more productive than I realized.  I always have a running to-do list in my head, and as soon as I knock one item off, three more wiggle their way on.  Getting it down like that definitely helped me put some perspective on this past crazy week; I need to make a habit of reminding myself of my accomplishments so that I can give myself credit.  I'm fairly aware of my workaholic tendencies, but I rarely see myself as productive because of my exponentially growing to-do list.  I really need to learn to be more proud of myself and not just dismiss items I do accomplish.  Note to self - check!

Oh, and guess what?  Sunday is my birthday... :)


  1. Holy crap that's a delicious looking cake. I want to eat it, now. Kudos on running Rory 5 times in one week, very impressive. I took the puppy on her first run yesterday, just a light jog for a mile or so to get her acclimated to it.

    Happy Birthday Sara!!!

  2. That cake does look delightful! I adore Mellisa!! Happy Birthday Mellisa... and Sara!

  3. I was all just reading along...and BAM that cakes for me! :) Thank You! I love that pedestal - I never did buy that one on etsy and am now regretting it. Hope that our birthdays rock this weekend. Hubby and I are heading to The Melting Pot = what do you guys have planned?

  4. that IS an adorable cake stand! I have one I really really like, but I REALLY like that one!!!!!

    You went running 5 times?? That's lettsseeee...hmmm..counting...counting...carry the 1...oh - five more times than I ran this week!

    Was that book good? I am finally in a position to start a new book