Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Front Page News

I haven't yet blabbed in my blog about my whopping two minutes of fame, so I'm playing share-n-tell today.  Yes, I realize that many of you saw all of this last week when I posted to twitter and Facebook, using an obscene number of exclammation points.  And if you have already seen all of this, please just nod your head and smile politely, as if I'm the old lady in the house on the corner of your street with crazy hair and a never-ending supply of warm cookies. 

I should apologize for such pride and boastfulness, I really should.  But after having my photos routinely rejected by other "fancier" food sites, this was real boost to my photo-esteem.  I work so, so hard to take photos that are pretty, and it's no easy task in a kitchen with lighting that always casts an ugly shade of orange and gray to my pictures.  Orange and gray casting does not make for appetizing pictures of food.

Most of the time, I smush myself up into the corner of the wall under our dining windows, so that I can use our benches as a "table."  One day, I'll have Bo snap a picture of me sitting on the floor, smashed up against the wall, with half of me under our table, and cursing to high heaven about my large head blocking the wee bit of natural light coming in the window above.  It's the opposite of glamorous.

I got smart and snapped my Strawberries photo in the kitchen window.  Which required me to climb on the counters and balance my knees on the 2" strip of granite at the front of our sink.  And then use the window sill as a balance to steady the wobbling that occured due to my kneecaps perched on that narrow strip of granite.  I may also have cursed a few times.  But I'm thinking it was worth it, for..... this!

This was Saturday's main page on Allrecipes.com:

Feast your eyes on this particular photo, here:

This one:

Submitted by some girl called "skeddy."

Das Bigger Photo:

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  1. So happy for you Sara!! You deserve all the publicity and kudos.