Friday, June 12, 2009

I Have Thunder Thighs

(click on the image to view it larger and read the text)

Four years ago, Nike launched an ad campaign to show love for a woman's strong body. Not the kind of fitness ads we're used to seeing. These show muscle, not bones. Pride, not shame.

I'm going through a spell of not loving this body I've been given. It works perfectly well, but I've been sending myself less-than-ideal messages lately about the way it looks. But I'm running again. Running always makes me feel strong and fierce and proud. I may not be able to zip up a size 2, but I can pass you on an uphill. And a downhill, for that matter. And that fills me with pride, and at some point, pride will slowly turn to love.

I'll pull out a few more of these ads over the next handful of posts, so that you can read them all. They're just too feel-good not to share.


  1. Love it. I get frustrated with my thighs (leftover from years of dancing) because it is hard to find pants and skirts that fit around them but that are small enough at the waist. This ad does a great job of putting it in perspective, though...I can't wait to bounce my grand kids on my thunder thighs!

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