Thursday, June 25, 2009

Round Like the Letter C

At different times during my gradeschool years, I was teased relentlessly about my big butt. (Jason White, you better hope that we don't ever meet up in a dark alley. You're toast.) It wasn't until 9th grade or so that I got my first compliment about it. And it totally took me by surprise. And then it took another handful of years before I finally believed that those kinds of comments were sincere and not meant to mock. Fast forward another handful of years (ok, maybe a couple of handfuls of years by now), and I've realized that - like with my naturally curly hair - there are 2 camps of people: those who dig it, and those who do not. And you know what? I no longer have any interest in listening to those in the latter category. I've learned to embrace this butt I pack around with me. Heck, it's probably the reason why I'm good at running hills. And now that I'm Running A Lot, I'm becoming fonder of my bootie back there. So you think it's not cute? Pffft! Shoo, be gone. I don't have time for you. I've got a hill to tackle.


  1. Totally off topic...have you gotten the dress? you NEED to post a picture when you do!

  2. It's a beautiful ass!

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