Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Singin In The Kitchen

We grew up listening to a Bobby Bare record (a 45, to be precise) because my dad loves old-timey country music. One of the two songs on the little orange record was "The Jogger."* To this day, I still know all the words and still think the song is pretty darn funny. And it's even more amusing now that I'm a "maniac jogger," tee hee.

Well, not long ago, a greatest hits album came out for Bobby Bare, and my mom put it in my Christmas stocking. I thought it was little strange, because I only knew that one song, and I'm not the hugest fan of old storytelling country music. But the spectacularly awesome part is that in the cd insert, it had a Bobby Bare's bio. Did you know that he and Shel Silverstein cowrote a whole slew of songs together? Yes, Shel Silverstein of "Sidewalk Ends" fame. The fact that Shel was a songwriter only adds to his awesomeness. A quick wiki of him and I learn that he wrote Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue." Wow!

But back to the matter at hand - After listening to the 2 cd set from Mom, I immediately fell in love with the song posted below. And, yes, I definitely sing it while I'm in the kitchen. Bo even chimes in from time to time; he really is the funnest boy ever. But, my most favorite part of the song - hands down - is the whisper section. Every single time I hear it, I want to scamper up to random strangers and whisper in their ears, "singing in the kitchen!" I honestly have to pull back so that I won't. But just thinking about it makes me giggle like a 4 year old :)

* You can find "The Jogger" on youtube. Go find it. That way I'm not singing alone :)

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