Monday, June 15, 2009

Perchance To Dream

Lately, I've been having odd and mildly horrible dreams. Friday night's awful dreams are to be blamed on watching back-to-back episodes of Dateline about murders. I'm not entirely sure why Saturday night's were bad, but I was living in hiding a la Anne Frank. My dreams usually so vivid that they can really make the next day fairly worrisome and disturbing for me. But thankfully, my dreams last night were less crackhead in nature. The one funny part is that I had a Cake Wrecks mini-dream. I'm pretty sure that the day I finally see a Wreck in person will be the greatest day in my whole, whole, whole life. I suppose having a dream about a Wreck is one step closer to that day, right?

Here's to a day filled with glee. And possibly cake ;)

Image courtesy of the esteemed Cake Wrecks.

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