Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DJ Hero

I'm so not one for video games. Sitting? I'm supposed to sit there in front of the tv for how long? Egads, I'm so not interested. Plus all the shooting and the weird "missions." Again, not interested. I got all hyped up about Flower a long while back, but then never did try to find it or even get beyond the youtube clip of it.

But. DJ Hero! I mean, c'mon! I already did kinda love Rock Band a lot, but now, it's techno music in a game?! Now I get the chance to mix up Electronica the way I've always wanted!! Hurrah for a game for meeeeeee!! Sign me up now, please!

Daft Punk gets sole credit for catching my attention in this commercial. I wouldn't have watched it otherwise. (Speaking of, Daft super needs to crank out a new album. It's been 2 years since their remixed album came out. We need some freshies, Daft Punk, please!!)

According to Wikipedia: "Daft Punk provided eleven new mixes featuring their music for the video game DJ Hero. They will also appear in the game as playable characters, along with their own venue."

Robot Rock awesomeness!

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