Friday, October 9, 2009


See those two girls there? That's me and my best friend from 2nd grade, JK. That was my birthday party that year. It was a slumber party, complete with 13 screaming girls, lots of Cabbage Patch and My Little Pony, and gymnastics competitions in the living room.

The sad thing is that because my family moved a lot, JK and I lost touch after we moved that summer.

But! What's randomly cool is that although she ended up moving away too, of all places, it was to my cousin's school. I spotted JK's picture in my cousin's yearbook (while we were looking for cute boys) and convinced my cousin to ask for her address. From that point on, we became pen pals. We mailed each other photos and long hand-written stories of our lives.

But once we hit college, we lost touch with each other again. Until now. She found me on Facebook yesterday, and we've reconnected again. Again! I'm ridiculously excited to reconnecting with her and catching up.

Here's to long lost friends, carrying on the pen pal tradition, albeit in a new medium ♥

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