Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hetch Hetchy

So, by now, you're well aware of my stuck-word illness. Seriously, it's worse than water torture or that episode of Lost where Sayid pushed shoots of bamboo under Sawyer's fingernails. It makes me want to throw things and punch people, it's so awful.

Anyway, onward down the path of happy topics. I'm proud to announce that I've got fantastic words stuck in my head now!! I never thought it possible, but now I totally do. It's all thanks to Ken Burns and his latest PBS specials on National State Parks. I've mostly been listening to them, because I've been slaving in the kitchen while they're on. But they totally grabbed my attention when they hit on the topic of the Hetch Hetchy Valley. Seriously. Say it. "Hetch Hetchy." Is that not the most fun thing ever?! Hetch Hetchy. Hetch. Hetchy. Hetch Hetchy. HetchHetchyHetchHetchyHetchHetchy. I'm so naming something after it. I have to. That would give me the excuse to say it every single day. I'm thinking it'd be a great dog name, right?

Hetch Hetchy.


One more time! Hetch Hetchy!

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