Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PO Woes

Everytime I ship something at the Post Office, they look at my flat-rate Priority box and ask me if I want to ship Express instead. Every single time. So much so that I complain at home about it because it always feels like they're trying to hussle me into buying things. "More stamps? Express mail this instead? Delivery Confirmation? Insurance? Passport application?" They ask me those questions every single time I go in. Every. Single. Time. So, I thought, hey, I'll mail this gift package Express after all, so it'll get there on Thursday for sure, before the recipient leaves for vacation. Great plan, sara! Except. When I went in this morning, the woman told me that she can't just add Express to my package. I'd have to open it up and completely repackage it in an Express box (which isn't the same size as my box which is lined in styrofoam and packed with bubble wrap so that things don't shift in transit). Um. Are you freaking kidding me?! So. I tried really hard to be sweet and calm with her, because really, it's not her fault. She did try to tell me that it'd get there in 2 days with Priority, and I had to hold myself back from laying into her about how it is rarely 2 days, mostly 3 or 4 days, and sometimes 8 days. Yeah.

Oh, and as I walked into the Post Office, I was barely balancing 5 boxes with my chin and the crook of my elbow and a couple of fingers grasping for dear life. The manager woman stops me in the entry area to ask if they're prepaid. I tried to smile and not move my chin as I said no and started to walk toward the counters. She stops me again to try and convince me to use the kiosk for them. Now, I'm usually a huge fan of kiosks, but I didn't feel like punching the screen for 5 separate boxes. Plus! There's no counter there! And I had 5 boxes I was barely keeping from crashing all over the floor. She stopped me 3 times to try and get me to use the kiosk instead of the counters. Seriously?

I keep trying to let the Post Office change my attitude and perception of them. But they keep proving me right.

Above photo via Google Images.


  1. That's so frustrating! We have to Post Offices near us. One's in a nice neighborhood and one isn't. I've found that the one in the not so nice neighborhood is the one to go to. They are fantastic there and it's usually empty. It makes a huge difference!

  2. Ha! That was supposed to be TWO

  3. Maybe you should try printing your postage from the USPS web site and then just drop off or even schedule a pickup?

  4. That sucks. The poor PO is clinging on to life with all their business being slowly sucked away by e-mail, the Internet, and UPS types, but haranguing people into unnecessary upgrades doesn't seem like the way to go about winning back business.

  5. Gaucho - exactly my thoughts! I super love their Flat-Rate priority program. BUT even tho every counter worker will tell you it is 2 day shipping, about 80% of my shipments take longer than 2 days. 20% take even longer than the 3 days. I want to love them, but I also can't support crap quality and service. Sigh.