Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pink Frosting Unicorns

Today's text message from Sidenote:

"Pink, frosting, sparkles, lace, high heels, rainbows, unicorns, slips, eye kohl, curls, dresses, perfume, shopping, chick flicks, champagne, giggles, puppies.."

I had just sent her a venting message about how I'm constantly surrounded by men all day long. And men talking about football, no less. I work with men, live with a man, and there isn't much left in there for feeling feminine. It's a battle I constantly fight - to feel feminine when I live in a world with an overabundance of testosterone and a shortage of pink and frilly.

I do my best - I wear lots of perfumey things and makeup and fabulous shoes and flowers in my hair. But somedays, I just can't escape the man-ness of my world. I told Bo that it'd be very much like his working with all women all day and then coming home to the Lifetime channel blaring on the tv 24-7. You should have seen his face, priceless.

So, today, I was tired and not feeling like being my own Don Quixote. (Plus my trusty steed, Rocinante, was at home, snoozing on her dog bed.) And, then Sidenote sent me that text with all things girlie and pretty. Ahhh, saved for another day.

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  1. I love it! Why can our lives not be more girly minus the girly drama?! Having a baby girl has helped actually. Your post reminds me why I need to spend more time with girlfriends.