Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh. Sweet. Mercy.

I'm speechless. All I can do is smile. And I've been smiling so long already that my cheeks hurt. And my eyes are even a lil teary from how happy my heart feels.

See, it literally warms my heart to hear that people love what I make. It's been years and years that I've been working at my real job and never hearing about being good at what I do or even possessing some kind of talent or skill. So, to hear those words (complete with exclamation points and smileys) for my Sarandipity items is just so, so wonderful beyond words.

Because Mellisa was so beyond sweet to post photos and video clips of her family with the Pops, I just had to share with you. So, I hope my sweet little story brings a some sunshine to your day!

The boys decided to have a camouflage, army-guy themed party. And Mom wanted Cupcake Pops. What to do? Make the Cupcake Pops in dingy, grimy boy colors, of course! :) I claim that the black sprinkles look like gun powder. Not that I'd know what gun powder looks like. Not that I helped my dad reload ammo as a kid. No, huh uh ;)

Meet my adopt-a-family in Oklahoma. (We'll forgive that the dad is the wrong kind of orange and black OSU fan ;) )

The Birthday Boys!
I couldn't figure out how to embed her video clips, so definitely definitely go over to her post and watch them. Just too darn cute and warm-fuzzy for words!!! I've already watched each of them like 18 times already :) Link for her post here!


  1. There's no better endorsement than seeing people joyously consume what you have created. You should indeed be overjoyed.

  2. We are in total withdraw's here!! Thanks so much Sara!! We really do love your cake pops...I am already scheming to order some without telling surprise them! Have to give it some thought though since Greg's e-mail is the one for our paypal account! I think some snowmen pops would be a great surprise right?

    Have a great week!!

  3. You Rock!

    here, an award for you