Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anthro Adoration

I found this little surprise in my mailbox last night.  A padded envelope, addressed in a cute squiggly pale pink border.

Oh, good heavens!  It's from Anthropologie!  But but but...I didn't order anything.  And it says it's "Especially For" me...?

OHDEARGODSQUEALING&JUMPINGUP&DOWN!  Anthro sent me an early birthday card!!!!  And in true Anthro style, it's freaking adorable.  Full of the sweetest details and yet somehow still simple and clean.  If you zoom the photo, you'll see that they're sending me birthday wishes in the form of 15% off during my birthday month.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

And And And And And, that candle is actually a necklace!  Seriously?!  Again - definitely zoom to read the text details on the back.  Just. Too. Sweet.

note i:  If you're wondering how the heck Anthro knew my birthday, it's because I let a girl at the store counter talk me into signing up for their membership card.  So far, the only thing I've understood about it is that it's free and keeps track of your purchases so that you don't have to keep the receipts.  Beyond that, I had no clue.  

note ii:  This so coulda been next week's Tuesday Twee fodder, but you really can't expect me to have waited another 6 whole days to post it.  I would've self-combust by then.

note iii:  Yikes, I can't believe this whole week has been about cupcakes.  I truly apologize for that.  But don't think for a second that you get to blame me for any sudden cupcake-induced weight gain or sugar comas.  Nu uh.  You're on your own.


  1. Gladly on my own... as long as I get to enjoy the cupcake goodness!

  2. I loved their card last year and this year's beats it! Now I am excited for my birthday! I love Antro!

  3. You're so funny. I would be giddy too!