Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Helping out Haiti

Way back in the day, Chiml and I used to buy our atonement for sins by speedy-quick pulling up the Red Cross website and donating money.  Oh yes, I've been forgiven for terrible snide remarks by money sent to tsunamis and ravaged countries.  And I used to grumble that every time I did something bad, I had to re-enter all my payment information on the site.  So, I might have been missing the point - just a little - about the process of being forgiven, but I felt that I'd be more inclined to send money for even my small offenses if it were easier to send over my cash.

Well, the Red Cross is on to me and my sinning ways.  Now you can text donations to them.  Yes, text.  You send a text and it replies back, asking you to confirm a $10 donation.  The $10 is added to your next month's cell phone bill, all easy peasy.  You can donate $30 max per account, and you can even reply back to get daily text message Haiti Relief Alerts.  Love it!!  I haven't done anything bad yet today, but I already sent my $10 on over.  You never know when I just might slip up and need some forgiveness at the ready.

Important Info:

Send a text message with the word "HAITI" to the number 90999. 

It will reply back, asking you to confirm the donation by replying with "YES."

You can then reply with another "YES" to get daily Haiti Relief Alerts.

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