Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Le Cupcake Sigh

Way, way back in the day, I wrote about my dreams - nay, plans - to visit some local cupcake shops.  Well, last night, I finally did it.  We phoned in an order of 6 cupcakes to Heavenly Cupcake, drove down to the Gaslamp to pick them up, then sped home to try them all out. 

The verdict?  Yawn.

I'm really sad about this.  All the buildup, all the pining, all the yearning, all the wonderment.  I'm starting to think that maybe I'm not a cupcake fan after all?  This doesn't seem even remotely logical considering that my favorite food is cake with frosting.  And hello - what girl doesn't swoon over anything in miniature?  Cupcakes should be an easy win.  They really should be. 

Now I'm realizing why a couple of people have asked me if I do cupcakes for weddings.  And as such, I've now got my finger pressed on Buy for some cupcake cookbooks on Amazon.  I'll definitely be reporting my findings.

Six whole cupcakes to try.

Mr. Vanilla With Caramel*

Madam Red Velvet

Little Pumpkin Spice

Senor Signature de la Shop
(Vanilla cake with orange and chocolate, topped with chocolate frosting.)
(I only purchased this because it was their signature.  Otherwise, ewww.)

La La Carrot Cake

Coconut Kid

Bo and I tasted and then rated each one, just so you'd know what we thought of each.  In the end - basically, if the cupcake had cream cheese frosting, we liked it better than the rest.  Otherwise, it was Meh City.

We both made icky faces after biting into the orange thing.  Nasty!
The Vanilla Caramel was white cake with a teeny drizzle of caramel sauce.

Once again, I was disappointed by Red Velvet.
Bo's immediate response to the Pumpkin: "Yours is better."  (We love him.)

I tried the coconut 4 times to see if it was made with flavoring.  Pretty sure it was.
We both liked the carrot best.  The cake was moister, plus it had the cream cheese frosting.

* These names are totally my own.  I was too broken-hearted to go back to the shop for their given names.


  1. But they looked so yummy! So sad that they didn't deliver.

  2. Try Babycakes!!! Hillcrest.

  3. Awesome - I love a recommendation! Thank you!

  4. I bet if you made them they would not be Meh. Your pictures look that your new camera get up?

  5. Yeah, those were taken with my Fancy Camera. I'm still figuring things out. And definitely battling lighting. I really should take a class and just learn for real, but it's unfortunately low on my current to-do list :(