Friday, January 29, 2010

A Dog, A Girl, and a Fake Cupcake

Because I needed a photo for the new blog, I decided to have Bo take a new one. And then, I thought, hey, I should upload the large version for you to see. Plus, I know how much you love some oddball poses of Rory, right?

Everyone say treeeeeats!

She makes me laugh. A lot.

(Ok, so I miiiiight have photoshopped the color of the cupcake topper. The red was just too red for the photo. So, you know. Engineering degree not for naught.)


  1. Super cute photos. I like the one where you're looking at each other best.

  2. All three of you (cupcake included) are adorable.

  3. I adore them both but especially the second one. PRECIOUS! You might have to frame that one and put it up in the kitchen :)