Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ode to Ror-kins

Call me lazy, call me uninspired, call me an annoying pet owner. Whatever you want to call me, you can't deny that my dog, Rory, is goofy. And, I swear, I played no part in making her that way. Honest. I'll even pinky swear. But because I'm lazy, uninspired, yada, yada, today's post is nothing but pictures of Rory. These are the moments speedy-quick cameras were invented for (not to downplay the photogenicness of anyone's children or anything).

At our front door. I stopped to pick up something off the ground, turned back around to Rory, and found her like this. I did not put that leash on her head. I still don't know how she did this.

Road trip! She's smushed up next to my cousin in the back of my car. Look out the windows at all that green. Oregon. Holllaaaaa!

She loves water so much that she tries to swim in buckets too. But then she coulda been showing off for her ex-boyfriend, Cooper, there.

Once again. I turned around and HUH. She's wearing my curtains like a little bonnet.

I screwed up the depth in this photo, but her little Elmo there is half in the ground. I came home from work one day, and she had dug a hole just big enough to stuff him in halfway. And that's where she left him. And, let me tell you, she was so proud to show me her handiwork.

Another fun discovery upon arriving home. I thought I had wedged her dog bed into her doghouse tightly enough to make it nice and secure and unmovable. Nope. She somehow got it out and then shredded the cover. And then sweetly spread the stuffing all over the entire back patio.

She looks so tiny in this picture, but she's nearly 80lbs. No idea why sleeping under my bed was better than sleeping on her bed.

In case you needed proof that I didn't stage the first under-bed picture, here's another. Taken 2 weeks after the first.

This entry wouldn't be complete without a boring youtube video of my pet. Yes, I've joined the ranks of other adoring pet parents by posting video on the In-Ter-Net. You can think it's boring, and I won't hold it against you. Just don't tell me so. Manners!


  1. Oh man...i laughed out loud at the one where she destroyed her pillow outside. PRICELESS.

  2. What a sweetie. I am doing the voice like on Bob & Tom. Have you heard them talk about their dogs?

  3. Bob & Tom? I'm totally going to have to google that now :)