Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blink and You'll Miss It

So obviously I'm not the best of listeners. I ask you all for advice and then go and don't take it. Completely dumb, don't you think? And we all just love a person who solicits advice and then goes and doesn't take a lick of it. Ho hum boring yawn. But for whatever reason, it wasn't Drastic Change Day when I got my hair did, so I'm going with the flow.

I did add more highlighty coppery pieces, but I'm letting the rest continue to fade and lighten in the sun. Sometimes, my hair is a journey what with all the fading and the coloring and the fading and the coloring. I'm kinda very interested to see where this journey will take me. (Certainly not back to my natural color, gasp!)

Sorry to create such suspense. I'll try to take more cute dog or Cupcake Pops photos for you as a token of apology. Will that buy your mercy, dear readers?

1 comment:

  1. ow oww! it looks great. the new shades add a lot of dimension. nice work :)