Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Scared

Of this:
We're tending to a lone tomato plant on our back patio. When I say "we," I actually mean Bo. He dutifully waters and fertilizes the thing, and I go out to admire it from time to time. It really has grown a massive amount in the past few months. And there are small little tomatoes scattered throughout its leaves.

But the size isn't what scares me. It's those tomatoes. I hate tomatoes. The slime inside them makes me gag. It sticks to my throat and slowly drips its way down to my stomach. This is if I can even get them past my tongue. In my defense, I've tried - TRIED - to like them. It's the hugest pain to always be asking places to hold the tomatoes, and I'm missing out on what could be amazing food. Bruschetta? We've never been properly introduced; alas, I've only admired you from afar.

The part that's especially scary is that I've heard eighty million times how AMAZING homegrown tomatoes are. Sure, sure, I don't doubt that for a second. And I know that as soon as those babies are ripe, Bo is going to make me taste one. My lips are squirming just thinking about it. Had I been smart, I would've planted an eggplant and made him return the favor of tasting something he hates. Oh well. Wish me luck.

For scale. Plus, it's fun to make her pose with ridiculous things.

Rory's not so much a fan of the giant beanstalk of a thing either. Maybe that's because she can no longer root around in the dirt. She dug us some pretty good holes when it was sitting within reach of her little paws.

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  1. Home grown tomatoes are SO yummy! I say, if it is only the juice you do not like just squeeze out the juice part and eat the non-juicy part. I see Italian chefs do that all the time on cooking shows.
    If someone said that home grown bananas were better than store bought, I still would not eat them. I tried and tried to like banana's, I don't so I am done trying. :)
    Guess who?