Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're Adopting This Dog

Except that Bo said I couldn't. And then I got mad at him, so very mad.

But, really it was all a dream. Sigh. I dreamt last night that we were moving out of a place, and my old-old landlord had left a dog there. The dog looked a bit like this picture, and she was just the sweetest thing ever. I knew she'd be perfection with Rory. I pleaded and pleaded with Bo to take her with us. I told him that we'd adopt her out, so she'd just need a home for a very short while. (I was totally lying; I fully intended to keep her forever.) But he kept saying no. So I got mad at him, and then the dream ended.

I'm not searching for any meaning in the dream. That's no fun and too serious. Really, I just want to pet that sweet dog again, tee hee.

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