Monday, July 27, 2009


Someone brought in two enormous boxes of donuts this morning and left them unattended in the break room. I wandered in there to get a cup of piping hot coffee because it's frigid in this office. En route to the coffee pot, I found two glittering boxes of donuts, winking at me and calling my name. I love donuts, I really really do. So light and airy, the perfect combination of carbohydrate and fat, and with a drizzle of frosting to put me over the edge. I peeked into the box, and speedy quick closed it back shut. I can't be tempted by those rows of sugary happiness, can't be tempted, can't be tempted, I won't be tempted. Instead, I will satisfy the sweets craving with some coffee splashed with yummy creamer. Onward to the coffee pot. Except that it's empty. And I don't know how to make coffee here. Gahhhhh...

I included this picture to intentionally torment you. I am quite happy to spread the agony.

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