Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Somethings, Indeed

Why have I not visited every single cupcake shop in this county?? I've not even visited one. Not one! For a sweets lover and dedicated baker, it's downright blasphemy that I've not even attempted to sample the little cupfuls of cake and frosting at these shops.

I'm telling you this - ok, whining about this - because I'm making it my next mission. And I'm telling you so that you'll hold me to it. What good is a sweets-loving, forever-baking blog friend if she doesn't even sample the local wares? None. A big fat zero.

But also - if you've been to these shops, you get to give me your review and tell me which cupcakes to eat and which aren't worth the calories.

First stop: Cupcakes Squared
I guess their schtick is square-bottomed cupcakes. Hey, anything to add more frosting to the story is fantastic by me. And they offer mini versions, so I've got free reign to sample every stinking flavor. Hurrahhhh!!

Second stop: Heavenly Cupcake
These guys also only offer certain flavors on certain days, darnit. And it doesn't look like they do mini versions either. Grrrr.. But then, it's cupcakes - I'm not truly complaining.

I'm definitely going to post photos of what I end up sampling. And if you're lucky, Bo will snap some shots of me in my sugar-induced delirium. I'm fully aware that those will be the only entertaining ones :)

p.s. Happy 5th blog birthday to Sidenote!!

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