Friday, March 5, 2010

Cooking with Sara: Salad Rolls with Peanut Sauce

It's Friday!  Time for a recipe post!  This week's recipe is for Salad Rolls (or Spring Rolls), inspired by the ones I love from Vietnamese restaurants.  Marnie and I did a big cooking event a few weeks ago and experimented with a few recipes for rolls and sauces.  Our hard labor is your great luck! ;)

On the home front, internet access is supposed to happen today.  Supposed to.  If it doesn't, I may just pack my bags to go live at Panera, so that I can cozy up to their free wi-fi and enormous selection of carb-laden treats.  I'm not bitter, not one bit.  We're also getting the tv hooked up, and maybe - if I cross my fingers hard enough - we'll get a fridge today too.  Today's got some potential.

In the meant time, I'm re-learning what it's like to live in the cold.  Our temps this week have been below freezing, and on Tuesday, it snowed enormous flakes the entire day.

I keep forgetting the importance of things like a nice pair of gloves or warming up your car before leaving for work.  I have a newfound love for any pair of shoes that allows me to wear socks.  And I'm slathering on hand lotion like it's going out of style. 

But with all the chaos and chilly fingers and toes, I'm just so happy here.  Bo and I are really going to find our groove here quickly.  We love our new home, everyone we've met has been friendly and welcoming, and we're excited to explore this sprawling city. 

As soon as we get internet access, I can start sharing it with you :)


  1. I admire you for making Spring Rolls! Every time I read the instructions for these I get intimidated!

  2. Oh gosh, BB, you should definitely try them! Once you make a few and get used to dealing with the sticky paper, they are SO EASY. And if you've got precooked shrimp and prepped veggies, it makes the process even quicker.

  3. Looks delicious Sara. I'll have to pick up the ingredients and give it a whirl. Maybe some tofu pieces instead of shrimp for our little vegetarian Leesha.