Monday, March 15, 2010

Potpourri No. 4

  • I just realized this morning that I haven't had sushi since before I left San Diego. Which is really odd for me because I usually have it at least once every week or so.  And it's been nearly 4 weeks now.  I'm pretty sure that my body is screaming at me for being so utterly salmon nigiri-deficient.  I must remedy this soon.

  • Today, I'm wearing (with my clogs, because I still haven't gone shoe shopping) a brown corduroy peacoat with a zipped-in wool liner.  And I feel so, soooo cozy.  I can't remember the last time I had the liner zipped into it.  I may not take it off all day, despite its making me look like a jumbo raisin.

  • Because of the time change, the sun doesn't officially rise here until 7:50am.  ACK!!!  No lie, it was completely dark at 7:30 while I was getting ready this morning.  It was insane.  But nice not having sun glare on the mirror while I put on makeup.  I think today might be the first day that my eyeliner and blush don't look whorish.

  • We're going to Orlando this weekend for a wedding.  (And, no - we don't actually travel for any reason other than for weddings.  It's madness, I tell ya.)  Orlando is the land of Bo, and when he returns, it's like an enormous homecoming.  Old friends come out of the woodwork, and I'm introduced to more people than I've probably ever known in my whole life.  And every single one of them is just ridiculously nice.  It's some kind of awesome, really.

  • And just because, here's a quick picture from yesterday's baking stint with my friend's daughters.  Their post will go up on Friday.  And there are oodles of awesome pictures of them hard at work in my kitchen.  I can't look at this picture and not laugh :)


  1. Won't people miss that whorish eyeliner and blush? I laughed when I read that!

  2. I hate to say it but I am craving the weather you left behind. Hope life is super fab!