Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well, Hello There, Raindrops

Gooooood morning, all you lovelies!!  I woke up to buckets of rain this morning, and it's totally improved my mood.  (I've been in a horrible funk lately, but that's another topic for another day.)  I love me some buckets of rain, let me tell ya.  The bouts of rain we got in San Diego were nice and all, but I think that with my snotty attitude about living there, I never really appreciated the rain when we got it. 

But this morning, I was so excited about the steady dumping of big rain drops, that I - of course - started snapping photos with my phone.  Because the only thing better than being forced to sit through someone's vacation photos is being forced to scan through some blogger's *cell phone photos.*  Oh yes, you can thank me later.

But what I'd really like to know from you all is this - what shoes are you wearing for real weather?  Specifically, what cute shoes are you wearing?  I have a few pairs of flats that I can rotate through, but I'm left barefoot with icy toes if I wear them.  My only closed-toed options right now are heels, clogs (shush!  they're actually not awful), or distressed boots. 

Can you pleeeeeease - for the love of warm toes - give me some footwear ideas?
Major major points if I can wear socks with whatever you suggest. 

I've had this umbrella kicking around in my trunk for so long, that I don't even remember buying it.  I honestly don't even remember the last time I used it.  But, it totally matches my black and white flats today, so let's just focus on that, shall we?  Shoes, people, shoes!


  1. Boots--new boots. Get yourself some! The others are distressed! Let them have a mental health day at home!

  2. I have flip flops, barefeet and tennis shoes.. those are my choices... wait until you outgrown your shoes and have 20 pair you can't wear... then let's talk. :(
    dang fat preggo feet!

  3. Frye boots! Cute sneaks for your casual days. I have a pair of pink converse I love.

    Oh I love the rain.

  4. I would highly recommend a consult with Leesha - Mistress of the fashionable, yet toe warming footwear. She's also got some really cool galoshes, I might be a bit jealous.

  5. Well here in California we just put socks on with our flip-flops, birky's or any other type of sandle. :)
    I do have a part of Clarks that I wear when we get "real weather," they work great and they do have cute styles. I think of you when I go to the store, for some of the shoes, not all, but check it out.

  6. You don't even need to ask, right? Why clogs of course...of the Dansko variety.

  7. since I live in the middle of BFE, my shoes would not be appropriate for your new climate, but I would suggest checking out Clarks, esp their funky lines. They are comfy and practical all at the same time, without looking practical. Glad you are in a better mood :)

  8. This is a little after the fact, but it's not just about the footwear, it's about the socks. Smartwool is your friend. Trust me. They make even my Chucks feel cozy. I also have a pair of Keens I wear a lot. And I just bought some Viva Terra tall boots on clearance that have a neoprene liner.