Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today's Favorite Things

Here's our soundtrack for the morning:

I'm a new fan to Late Night Alumni, but I'm totally loving them!!  I couldn't find any legit videos for them, but these live ones are stellar.  The songs go from a more dancy, loungey idea to a folksy sound.  Love!!  It makes me want to see them live (which is rare for me and artists).

Another of today's loves is these jeans.  These freaking awesome jeans. 
I was so very opposed to the whole introduction of the Boyfriend Jean.  I mean - rolled up with heels?  And baggy on top?  For really?  And then I tried a pair on.  Ahhhhhhhh doesn't even being to describe it.  I had forgotten how dang comfy jeans are when they're not constricting your thighs in 18 different directions!  I'm seriously just in bliss right now.  They were an impulse purchase yesterday from H&M.  I opted to go down a couple of sizes so that they weren't quite so baggy once they stretched.  I am wearing them with heels, but uncuffed.  The length is perfect for my stumpy legs, and the opening hugs my shoe just right.  Oh, and they cost me a whopping twenty bucks.  Go buy some.  You will so thank me later. 

Bo's been hard at work in our garage (so, my OCD levels are just incredibly mellow right now what with all the organizing and tidying going on), and he dug up my box of desk items yesterday.  For me, "desk items" does not mean paper clips or file folders or even a random stapler.  No.  For me, it implies pictures of friends, pictures of my dog, cupcake decorations, a coffee cup from the zoo, my Bo shrine, real wood pencils, and my favorite water bottle.  And they're finally here, making me feel cheery and right at home.

Are you reading this in silence?  Here's another LNA live track to keep you company.  I think I'm totally in love with this version.  Swoon.

Here's what else I love this morning... :)  Peep Cake Pops!  Fancier photos will go up in my shop, but for now, these make me smile.

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  1. Oh! Peep Cake Pops! You are brilliant!!!

    And it is amazing how we've gotten used to jeans being so constricting, isn't it? I kind of hate stretch denim when it comes down to it. Nothing like a pair of real jeans worn down until they're soft.