Saturday, January 1, 2011

Operation Pretty Up, No. 1

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As in, pretty myself up.  But on the inside; not so much what might make me drop-dead anything to anyone else.

As everyone is talking and writing about New Year's resolutions, I've been reflecting over this past year and how I currently feel about myself.  I'm in the middle of a small lull in my side business, and it's giving me much-needed time to breathe and think and strategize.  You see, I've been feeling downright awful about myself over the past four months.  Longer than that actually, if I'm being completely honest.  And it's not just the usual, obvious things that women generally lament.  My issue is that I know full-well how to take care of myself, but I'm just not doing it.  Not hardly a speck.  Sure, I slap on makeup every morning, and I do make an attempt with my mop of a hairstyle.  But there are other things I've let go by the wayside - like ample sleep; eating well; working out; heck, shaving my legs more than once a week.  And I'm tired of feeling ugly for not doing them.  I yearn to feel feminine and alert and, well, pretty again. 

So, with the New Year beginning, I'm putting myself on the track to Pretty Up.  And I don't care what the rest of the world thinks of how I look on the outside.  This is all about feeding my soul some beauty.  I'm going to do the things - no matter how small - that make me feel like a girl.  A pretty girl. 

Today?  Today, I work out.  I will bust my shoulders and quads to the Jillian Michaels dvd, and I'll (stiffly) walk away feeling so proud of myself for doing a small thing to feel good inside.


  1. I kinda want to do the same thing but with my work life. My boss thinks I have been doing really well at work but I feel like I've been crap. I know I can be and do so much more at work if I just apply myself just a tiny bit more. I need to, it would make things better for all involved.

    So here's to us getting our "insides" happy about what we are doing and not feeling guilty or wishing we did more. :)

  2. Hey there. Just take it slowly and one day at a time, you know? You're in it for the long haul.

    You can do this!

  3. I took some time off from working out for a few months. Now that I am back to doing little workouts, I feel SO much better. I am not feeling bad becasue I am not running 6 miles, or 8 miles. My long run is 3.5 and for now I am ok with that. (you know that's huge for us runners)
    I feel SO much better since I started taking care of myself again!! I have more energy and can hardly sit still.
    Good luck!! I am here for ya! Love ya!