Friday, January 7, 2011

Ripping Off Bossy Betty

This will only make sense if you scoot on over to Bossy Betty's fabulous post with a handy new (and pretty) product idea - "The Jab."  So, go read it!!!


Ok, I found these (far inferior) bells on clearance at Pier One over Christmas and had to snap a photo to share with Bossy Betty.  It's obvious that someone completely ripped off her idea back in April and is using it to make buckets and buckets of cash!  No fair!  I think Bossy Betty deserves at least a portion of the clearance-priced earnings!


  1. So.....that's where my profits are going....

    Sara, will you represent me in court? You can feed the jurors your salsa and convince them all of my case.

  2. @Betty - Yes! It's a tragedy that certainly needs some attention. I'm an expert at sugar comas, so you can bet that we'll take those thieves down!