Friday, January 28, 2011

Anthro Adoration, Take 2

Ooohhhhh, guess what time of year it is?!  Answer: the time of year when companies graciously shower me with birthday wishes in the hopes that I'll spend some bank in their stores!  Last year, I was over the moon when I found out that Anthropologie was amongst list.  Before I get all squealy on you, let me first say that Anthro is my most favorite store (I'm wearing one of their cardigans as I type this), and if I were loaded, my friends would need to flock together to do an intervention with my shopping addictions.  I also might try to live in an actual store, because they make me so happy the second I walk through the doors.  But, I digress.

Round about this time of year, Anthro sweetly mails me a cute little card with a coupon for 15% off a purchase.  I don't care much about the discount; it's the packaging that makes me gushy and giddy....

 (I may or may not have greedily started ripping open the envelope
before remembering that I posted last year's photos and hey,
maybe it'd be neat to do the same again this year?)

A funny thought I just had:  Remember that part about wearing an Anthro cardigan as I'm typing this?  I just realized that it's the one I bought last year with my birthday discount, ha!  I'll have you know that I paired it today with skinny jeans from Walmart.  Just so that you're not thinking that I'm a spoiled little clothing snob or anything.

She's a Pisces too.

The day that Anthro starts selling dog stuff, I'm in a heap of trouble. 


  1. Love anthro! So is the pouch their little gift besides the discount this year?

  2. @Alecia - Yep! It's a little linen envelope with the Pisces pattern on the front with a star button. I'm thinking it would be a really cute gift card holder for another Pisces?

  3. I got an anthro catalog in the mail. Not sure how but woohoo!