Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow in The South

Just how much did it snow here in Atlanta last night?  We got 2" in less than an hour last night; it was literally pouring down snow outside!  Rory absolutely loved it, and was hopping around like a bunny, lol.  

This morning, we woke up to a fully-covered neighborhood.  Apparently, this much snow is a rarity in Atlanta, and as such, the entire city is basically shutdown.  Anyone you talk to will tell you that the City of Atlanta owns only four snowplows.  If there's even a speck of truth to that, it explains why the news for the past 12 hours has consisted only of snow photos and road closures.

This photo is looking up our street:

 And then, down to the left:

Bo's poor truck.  It's only ever lived in Florida and California, lol.

(Yes, I do own a pink tape measure.)

This morning, Rory went nuts!

And ran next door to play with her boyfriend, Bear.

Rory plays dirty; she always goes straight for his ankles.

Action shot!  Bo got a fantastic pic of Bear catching a snowball!

And Rory actually caught one too!  (She's not much of a fetcher.)

Oh, yes he did.


  1. Awesome action shots, and the video of Rory chasing Bo on his snowboard was fantastic.

  2. Great place to snowboard!!! Rory looks like she is having fun. :) You look pretty with your pink measuring tape!!!!