Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boastful Me

I'm not normally one to brag. It's partly because I don't like attention focused on me and partly because sometimes things are just so sparkly wonderful that keeping them to myself is like having the bestest secret stuffed deep down inside. I walk around with a sly smile and glint in my eyes and nobody can take that away from me by commenting or discussing or disecting my sparkly.

But today. Today, is different. I'm exhausted and feeling like I'm losing the battle of fitting in at work. And the result is that I'm easily frustrated and emotional and insecure. So, as I was trying to load things into my car this morning, frustrated over dog hair in the shipping tape, running late, stomach growling, I received an email from Bo. I opened the message while I was still sitting in my driveway and then burst out laughing and then nearly started crying.

Sometimes, I just have to brag a little. This man is a piece of heaven, and I'm the one glowing.

The email attachment:

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