Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spit Shine

This post may very well solidify my place in the Dagnabit, I'm Old club. Time to start counting down the days until I can collect all that Social Security money that is regularly swiped from my paychecks.

But when I find items that make my life easier, I can't help but gush a little about them. I mean, I do it for you, yes, YOUUU. Ok, I'm kidding no one, but I needed a reason to rant and rave, and the pretense of sharing was just so easy.

First up: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.Reason for my undying love: No, these aren't just for walls. I've used them on EVERYTHING, from base boards to sneakers to kitchen cabinets to bathtubs to refrigerators to floors, you name it. It's usually when I'm doing frantic move-out cleaning that I renew my obsession with them. I tiredly toss out my paper towels and bottles of cleaners and use the Magic Erasers on every surface in sight. They honestly work a hundred times better and faster. Love, love, love, love. Love.

If I could only choose one cleaning spray, it'd be this one: Advanage Wonder Cleaner in AppleReason for my undying love: Yeah, I got suckered into buying this from a door-to-door girl last year. But, I keep a spray bottle of this stuff in my kitchen, and it's natural so I use it on stinking everything. It's also safe around pets and plants and doesn't dry out my hardwood dining table. (Oh, and I recently discovered that it kills ants on contact. Ha!) I've had the one bottle of concentrate for over a year, so the sales girl wasn't lying. I've yet to test it out on car tires or the garage floor, but those are "boy jobs" so you'll have to ask Bo if it's useful there or not.

But I super love these next: Lysol 4-in-1 Cleaner with Bleach.

Reason for my undying love: Key words: "with Bleach." I'm one of the few people in this county who hates tile shower surrounds. I have zero idea why they're so wildly popular, but they're an absolute pain in the arse to clean. I don't care what you tell me about fancy grout or cleaners; tile shower surrounds never look clean after a few years of use. I first fell in love with this cleaner when a friend told me to try it on the tile surround I incessantly whined about. Lo and behold, this stuff eats mildew and grout dirt for lunch, and quickly at that. Now that I'm happily living in a tile-less world, I use this stuff in sinks and toilets. Spray it on, leave for 10 minutes, and zero scrubbing required. Toilet bowl cleaners are some of the most disgusting tools ever, so if I can skip using them, I'm all aflutter. Nothing but gleaming and white without my having to touch a thing. Ahhhh...

What's in it for me for all this product endorsement? Zero. Unless one of you knows someone who knows someone who'll send me cases of the stuff. I'm willing to yell it from the mountain tops, you can quote me on that.

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