Thursday, August 20, 2009

Half Birthday Loot

I got this care package in the mail this week from Sidenote. Um WOW. Lots of cheering and squealing quickly ensued. Even Rory got in on the spastic fun; she's never one to just observe when there's an excuse to do rodeo circle jumps and make weird snot noises.

See, a few weeks back, I was whining about not having a classic, destructed denim jacket to throw over everything when it gets chilly. I could certainly go buy one, but Sidenote was raving about being able to find one at a thrift store for Super Cheap. Our thrift stores in SD are the exact opposite of Super Cheap, and they're picked over before I even think about stepping inside. So, she went on a mission to find me one, and she did. For $4.50. Super Cheap, indeed.

And while I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my thrifted denim jacket, I had no idea that Sidenote would stuff the box with a gajillion other things! She also included a sweet rose necklace, a fabulous gray dip-died blouse, a vintage apron with a snazzy attached towel, a black tank for layering, and a to-die-for blue-gray sweater with ribbon embellishment down the front. Oh. Dear. Heavens. It was all just too much for my excitable little heart to handle.

And today is my Half Birthday, so it was utterly perfect timing ♥

But, it got me to thinking - how fun would it be to go through your closet, find things you don't wear but would look fabulous on one of your friends, and then mail them as a surprise? I'm thinking that I need to copycat Sidenote's idea and spread the luuuvvvv. Anyone have first dibs on anything in my closet?

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  1. Uh, I think by default I get first dibs! Haha :) I clean my closet out pretty much every time I do laundry and a few of my friends will come over every other month or so to dig through the loot. It's a great time and it makes me happy to see my stuff getting a second change to be loved!