Thursday, August 6, 2009

Potpourri No. 3

  • If you squint super hard, you'll see that my fortune from last night's dinner says this: "Play lottery today. Lady luck is upon you." So, I did. One must always obey the fortune cookie gods. I drove myself to the nearest 7-11 and moseyed up to the counter. I glanced at a lottery sign for the right words and then asked the guy for a "Super Lotto Plus" ticket. Come this Saturday night at 8pm, you can start telling people that you know a real live millionaire. And she's just the nicest and hasn't let the money affect her in any way, and she still bakes cookies for everyone, and smiles a lot, and buys groceries with coupons. Sidenote and I will have to get started with the planning of elaborate vacations now that we'll be joining the Stinking Wealthy Club simultaneously.
  • Speaking of Ms. Sidenote, we just ordered the same shoes. I'm not one to enjoy having people wearing the exact same things as me, but 1) She lives allll the way up in that corner of the Midwest, so no one will know that we're en route to being outfit twins, and 2) She's got such fantabulous taste in clothing, that I don't even care if we are twinsies. I swiped that picture above from the Anthropologie website (dreamy sighs), but ours are actually the shoes in the picture below. (Photo courtesy of my crappy phone camera.) They are DEE-vine. I truly blurted out "ahhhh" when I put them on, and they're 4" wedge heels. Yes, comfortable 4" heels do exist. Life is grand. Just so, so grand.
  • Andddd, speaking of 7-11, I made a quick stop there this morning to grab coffee on my way to work. Let me just say that the coffee counter area there at 8am is mayhem. People looking all frantic and grabbing and pouring and stirring at a lightning speed. I kind of stood back to take it all in. And to figure out which of the 11 (yes, 11) coffee pots I was supposed to pour from. Is there any possible way that blueberry-flavored coffee can taste remotely good?? Methinks not. But as I stood there, trying to read all the coffee pot handles, a man joked to me that it looked like I needed a consultant. I laughed and explained that I was looking for the regular coffee. Then he turned and said, "Well, you sure do look nice today" in kind of a twangy, old school kind of way. It totally surprised me, and I decided right then and there that I'd start doing the same for others. When a complete stranger pays a compliment, it is just surprising enough to make you stop and think about it. So that's what I'm going to do. So don't be surprised if some oddball girl with frizzy hair approaches you to insist that your jacket is just so incredibly cute.

  • I'm flying to Atlanta this weekend to see one of my best friends, Natasha. We met in college, a gajillion years ago, and I haven't spent time with her since we ran Hood to Coast last summer. And for that, we were crammed into a minivan, stinking to high heaven and motion sick and totally sleep deprived and dealing with Girl Drama. So, I'm super duper excited to see her and her brood and the city I've heard so much about. This week has been such a whirlwind that I haven't even done laundry or thought more than 26 seconds about packing, yikes. But, regardless, I'm starting to get reeeeally excited, yayyyy!!!


  1. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Right? Right. Plus we did the purchase at the same time so its really hard to tell whom is copying whom! Basically, we're both just awesome.

  2. I am really excited too! but I haven't even given 26 seconds to cleaning before you arrive...maybe by Saturday...Yaaaayyyyy....we can help you celebrate those winning numbers!