Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm staring at this text box, a vast and white empty space. I truly want to write something to share, to potentially amuse or maybe just maybe even enlighten. But because I'm 80% of my way through getting an order* shipped - after only 4 hours of sleep, mind you - I'm completely and utterly distracted. You could totally mess with me right now, because stress and lack of sleep have made me ridiculously gullible. Feel free to crack jokes that I totally won't get and will mull over for 3 hours until the punchline finally makes sense. Woo!

It doesn't help that my Sayray ring lost a stone this morning. I'm pretty sure it happened while I was frantically putting air in my tires (and completely eliminating any time to grab something for breakfast). I super adore that ring, so it makes me sad that it needs repair.

Random: The title for this post made the movie Labyrinth pop into my head, so you get a movie clip to reward your efforts for making it through this entire blah-fest of a post. Anyone else still know every single lyric to this song? Just me and my sister? Oh.

* If I can swing getting pictures taken before I tape up the box, I'll share them here tomorrow. You may as well at least get to see what's making me incapable of writing anything other than boring boringness.

** Image courtesy of Google Images.

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