Monday, August 24, 2009

Gimme Some Sugar

I thought I'd be all super duper trendy and fancy and whip up a Smitten Kitchen recipe for you. Reading that blog when you're hungry is akin to the worst kind of torture imaginable. They post the most amazing sounding recipes and photos that truly do make me drool. So, I was clicking through that site the other day, overwhelmed by hunger (my lowfat popcorn may as well have been a bag of dirt by comparison), and falling head over heels in love with photos of food.

Chimly convinced me to first try out the recipe for Peach Cupakes With Brown Sugar Frosting. Ok, so there was actually very little convincing going on. I didn't stand a chance against those photos of little cups of cake and frosting heaven.

And guess what?! Once again, I was dazzled by photos of pretty, then saddened with actual reality. While this recipe did, indeed, turn out pretty, ultimately I was not impressed. The bites of peach in the cupcakes were barely even discernable when you put the overpowering, knock-you-on-your-butt brown sugar frosting on top. All you could taste was Brown Sugar Whoa Brown Sugar. And for that amount of brown sugar power, I would way rather have drizzled my scrumptious caramel sauce over the top. So, next time I'm in the mood for peach muffins, I'll either find a new recipe or I'll puree some of the peaches in order to add more peach flavor to the cake. Oh well, live and learn.

Enjoy my photos of fail!!

The mini bundt cake version, with the frosting warmed and poured over.

To its credit, the cake was actually moist and pretty.

Then I built a layer cake version of the recipe.

And cut a pretty slice to share.

But that fork is seeming mildly out of proportion to the cake slice.

And here is where I mention my obsession with miniature baked goods. Yes, as if the Cupcake Pops weren't enough, I own mini bundt pans, mini springform pans, and mini muffin pans. Oh, and that "plate" the cake slice is served in? It's a sushi sauce bowl. I rule.

So yeah, after all that, this recipe would really be best just as plain old muffins. No fancy frosting, no fancy shapes. (Like my sports-themed muffin papers?? Bo wasn't nearly so impressed as I thought he would be.)

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