Monday, April 6, 2009

Cake Wrecks

I feel as though I shouldn't be posting about cake so soon after my last whirlwind of baking. But gosh, I can't believe I still haven't written a gushy blog on how much I adore the Cake Wrecks blog. Reading Cake Wrecks has got me through some really tough days at work by making me laugh until I had to cover my mouth and wipe away a constant stream of tears.

The basic theme of her blog is to showcase professional bakery cakes that are either hideous, hilarious, or a disaster. Most are all three :) And, really, how could I possibly resist a site dedicated to CAKE that mocks grammar and spelling errors?! I can't believe I didn't think of it first, it's so me! And now is a good time for me to admit - I'm so addicted to this site, that I've even bought a shirt. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that, but then, no I'm not. I wear that thing with immense pride.

It's incredibly hard to list my favorites, but here are a few highlights to start with...Happy clicking. And laughing.

And....someone came up with a creative quiz to determine which Wreck you are, ha! Evidently, I'm the one that started it all. So classic and trend-setting, I am.

You are the Walmart Cake!
You're an oldie, but a goodie. You can take things a wee bit too literally, sometimes. (

photo courtesy of Cake Wrecks!

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  1. Thanks for showing me the cake wrecks site. Mostly I turn my head and wonder how someone could make such an odd cake or how someone could buy it. But I do LOL too. Thanks for the smile! Marnie