Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sayray Saves the Day

Yippeeee! I'm now the proud owner of yet another alter ego! (Zippy being my first and most favorite of them.) I'm just beside myself with gleeeeeeeeee!

Last night, Bo told me that he's calling me Sayray, and that it's my new superhero name. Get out - my superhero name?! Woo!! My mind immediately began racing through all the potential mischief I can get away with, in the name of "Sayray!!"

And of course, every superhero needs a special outfit or, at the minimum, a signature talisman. I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, I've been wearing my superhero talisman all along, completely unaware of its powers? I just adore my pearl flower ring to bits, and I only take it off to do messy tasks, like baking or scrubbing. Hmmm...methinks that it very well could be it. Yes, it's decided. Thankfully, my ring negates any need to wear silly capes, gaudy crowns, or - God forbid - lycra. This superhero business is going to be too much fun :)

Behold, the powers of Sayray...Prepare to be mesmerized....

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