Thursday, April 2, 2009

Emily Bear

I'm feeling tired and not terribly chatty today, so I'm going to be lazy and let the following video blog for me :)

I usually approach news clips of "child prodigies" with a bit of wariness. The kids are usually presented as too precious for words [insert oohs and ahhs here]. And a lot of the talented little things have been lauded so much praise for so many years, that they've got a double dose of snotty attitude along to boot. And then every single interview includes a clip of the child proclaiming that they're "normal just like any other kid!"

I realize that I sound utterly and completely bitter, but let me introduce you to Emily Bear. Truly, if you met her in a grocery store, you'd just think she was a cute little kid who might be a bit of an old soul. But to hear her play. Seriously, she has an amazing gift, and I'm not using those words lightly. The little dear not only plays heavy hitters like Mozart, she freaking composes her own music. But all the while she's playing, you don't get a sense that she's troubled or tormented by her talent. It actually seems like something that's a part of her, and no big deal to her. She just seems like a happy little girl who has fun playing the piano. And I love that her mom just wants her to be normal and happy when she grows up. No lofty dreams of her kids becoming world famous or anything.

All of it was completely refreshing. And completely inspiring.

And, Emily totally already has 2 albums of original work on iTunes, what a little rock star!

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