Friday, April 10, 2009

Toucan Sara

According to Bo, I smell everything. Everything. According to him, everything I get into my hands, I immediately put up to my nose to smell. Really? Do I really automatically do this with everything within reach? It makes me wonder if I've been spending too much time with Ror-kins and not enough spent with humans.

I will admit that I do have a thing for smells. I mean, I felt compelled to actually post my ravings about a fab-smelling lotion, and I still sit here smelling my hands all day long, I love it that much. And I do have some very specific favorite smells: fresh-cut grass reminds me of spring; fresh asphalt makes me think of summer; and the scent of new running shoes is like catnip to me. There are times when I catch a scent that is specifically the cafeteria in 5th grade and nowhere else. And the cleaner in our bathrooms at work smells exactly like my grandma's medicine cabinet, circa 1989.

But I suppose that, to some degree, Bo is right. When I buy fruit, nearly all of it makes the sweep upward toward my nose before I'll put it into my basket. How else can you tell if canteloupe or strawberries or peaches are ripe? If they smell good, they'll taste good. It's a simple concept, but now that I'm aware, I'm sure I'll be looking left and right, all sneaky-like, before I take a whiff.

And if I'm going to be completely honest, when people mail me packages, I open the box and breathe in the smells. Because the packages nearly always smell like their houses. It's my little way of "visiting" my loved ones without being able to hop a plane and physically step into their houses.

I contend that I'm not so terribly different this way. Back me up here - do you have a strong association with scents? What are your favorite smells?

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  1. My favorite smell is marshmallows. When I was a checker, every time someone bought them I smelled them. And yes I did get odd looks from the customers. But they just smell so sweet. If they don't the bag is too old and get another.