Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grocery Rage

Anyone else miss this show? I coulda been a rockin contestant.

I entered the store in a peaceful and sunny mood. The woman walking in with me was cheerful and friendly and made me smile. And the first thing I noticed was a scattering of cheese samples. Yummo! I practiced some self-control and only sampled one, tiny piece (way to go, sraa!*). Then I carefully made my way over the butcher counter to pick up some seafood and shellfish for dinner. Again, yummo!

The second I walked up to the counter, I could sense that an evil force was trying to wreak havoc on my serenity. A woman there stepped up after me, ignored the semblance of a line we had going, and elbowed her way up to the meat case. Unbelievable. (Is it just me or does SoCal's population have the biggest sense of self-entitlement going?) Lucky for me and nanner-nanner-poo-poo for her, I was making eye contact with the butcher as he walked up and asked, "Who's next?" Ms. All Elbows missed the boat as she was critically scanning the selection of meats in the case. Karma, baby!

After my stint at the butcher case, I was immediately bumped into by a person and then by a cart. This was while I was standing stock-still, trying to pick out some ground sirloin. And nary an apology to be heard. From there, it just went downhill. The store's aisles were littered with dropped (and squished) produce, screaming 3 year olds, abandoned shopping carts, and women with bad attitude written all over their faces. My hair is decidedly frumpy today, but that certainly shouldn't earn me ugly looks from the general public.

My only motivation to stay in the store - and not run away as fast as these pink paisley flats could carry me - was my huge annoyance with making multiple trips to stores. I knew that I had to stick it out long enough to at least gather ingredients for a salad. (And even then, the store was out of the greens I usually buy.)

It seems that today has just been one of those days. As Chiml was singing me (over IM, of course):**

It's just one of those days that a girl goes through
When I'm angry inside,
Don't wanna take it out on you.
Just one of them things.
Don't take it personal.
I just wanna be all alone
And you think I treat you wrong.
Don't take it personal
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby.
Don't take it personal.

* sraa is yet another of my alter egos. I'm up to at least 3 named personae by now, so brownie points to you if you can remember the other names :)

** I'd embed the youtube clip for this song, but it appears that I've lost youtube connectivity along with my iTunes connectivity. The IT people here have no idea how ugly I'll get when I'm cut off from music.


  1. I have ZERO alter egos. Have I mentioned how jealous I am of you for having three? Also...I don't think I know Rory. Are there pictures up anywhere??

  2. Haaa, you totally made me laugh :)

    I think my only pics of Rory are via FB?

  3. oh HEWWWOOOOOOOOW rory! she is beautiful. i think that she and ebbie would be wonderful friends. or at least stellar pen pals.

    and i totally forgot...i DO have an alter ego: her name is kiki and she generally only comes out when i am traveling or after too much tequila and she is very spontaneous. also she may or may not have been a stripper in her past life. maybe.

  4. Ooh, Kiki and Zippy could have funnnn together! (sraa uses profanity far too often, and Sayray is more about being boisterous and acting like a 7 year old.)