Friday, April 24, 2009

Oregon Trail, All Grown Up

I'm feeling quite old-timey today, as I sit here in my drapey, destructed cardigan, with two enormous containers of raisins within reach. Wait - raisins?

I agreed to drive my coworker to the airport the other day, and he offered to pay me for my trouble. No way. I was raised to help people out, especially when it's something I can easily do with minimal impact on my normal goings-on. His family owns a vineyard and almond orchards, so he offered to bring me something from their farm.

And, slap my mama - I have a bag of beautiful almonds that must weigh 8 pounds. And, goodness, it will take me a minimum of 2 years to get through all these raisins. It's a shame that I don't even like Oatmeal Raisin cookies. (You jumping up and down right about now, Marn-Marn? Tee hee!) But I'm beyond excited about using those almonds in all my Christmas baking this year. Our almond roca will be even more to-die-for than it usually is. Watch out world - waistlines will most certainly plump up when all is said and done.

I'm really enjoying trading in favors and food, just like the pioneers did way back in the day. It feels pretty great. Anyone have anything I can trade for my baked treats?

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  1. I get your oatmeal raisin cookies!!!! YES I am jumping up and down!! ALSO almond roca!! When are we making the roca? Off to go running to work-off the thought of eating the cookies and roca.