Monday, April 13, 2009

No Spring Chicken

While I realize that I'm not yet as old as dirt, I am aware that there are people shopping in Forever 21 that I could have given birth to. (Chiml assures me that I'm still allowed to shop in there, and she's sweetly promised to tell me when I've crossed that line.)

I certainly don't feel my age, and sometimes, I actually have to stop and calculate in order to tell someone how old I am. But, there are days when I can't help but hear the manic internal whisperings that my uterus is gathering cobwebs and dust. As a result, I'm forced to use all my willpower to beat down those voices with an aluminum baseball bat.

I spent today's lunch break picking up some groceries at my favorite little chain of farmer's market-style stores. As I made my way to the register, a pretty blue bottle of champagne caught my eye. And the name, Moondrops - again, so pretty, right? I love champagne, and it was on sale ($5 off!), so it took me precisely three-quarters of a second to debate whether to put the bottle into my cart.

As I paid for it, the cashier asked for my ID. This wasn't terribly surprising, as I nearly always get asked for my ID when I buy booze. But that moment as she read my birth year, when her eyebrows shot up, and she jumped a millimeter off the floor. That vision was priceless. I coulda hugged her.

It's the small things. And the cheap champagne.

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  1. gotta love the cheap champagne! and the unintentional compliments by store clerks. i wonder if they know how easy it is to make someone's day like that?